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What is Top 25 local search ranking signal?

SEO 25 Local search ranking factor

Here are the top 25 local search ranking signals, as determined by various studies and experts in the field of Local SEO:

1. Google My Business (GMB) signals
2. Relevance of business category
3. Distance from searcher
4. Physical address in city of search
5. Quantity and quality of structured citations (i.e. directories, data aggregators)
6. Keyword in business title
7. Quantity and quality of inbound links
8. Keyword in GMB description
9. Quantity and quality of Google reviews
10. Keyword in website URL
11. Industry-specific local directories
12. Businesses listed in multiple directories
13. Business information consistency across directories
14. Personalization
15. On-page keyword optimization
16. Quantity and quality of unstructured citations (e.g. news articles, blog posts)
17. Domain authority
18. Quantity and quality of photos and videos in GMB
19. Page load speed
20. Mobile-friendliness of website
21. Use of schema markup
22. User behavior signals (e.g. click-through rate, time on site)
23. Historical data (i.e. age of business and its online presence)
24. Proximity of social media profiles
25. Social media signals (e.g. shares, likes, followers)

It’s important to note that these ranking signals are constantly changing and evolving, and that success with Local SEO requires a comprehensive and ongoing optimization effort.

Technical readers can follow Google’s announcement and learn more of Follow Feature feed guidelines here.

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