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Website Maintenance Services

Malaysia-based expert in website maintenance service. Our specialists handle and maintain your webpage entirely allowing you to concentrate on building your organisation. No fuss. Regardless of you using Content Management System – WordPress or HTML programmers coded websites.


Enhance Efficiency

Do you know why you have a slow website? Clear your headache, our team can lay out a strategy and up the speed and efficiency for you.

Close the gap; New webpages and functions

Having recurring breakdowns and mistakes? Let us help clear up the rage of technical errors. Additionally, our team serve requests of new webpages, any sleek layout and sophisticated qualities to meet and greet your visitors.

Transform your website layout and theme

Having visual tears on your website? Misplaced or damaged rendering? To customize your needs to showcase the website, we can alter the style for you.

Theme upgrade and plugin

Theme and plugins security and safety may deteriorate or malfunction to cause your operation profits. Our team will monitor closely for you on the latest adherence on the tools version, with lowest impact on the issues from extension.

A favourable WordPress Website Maintenance Malaysian agency that offers technical assistance and online advisory services to safeguard your business.

Techveloper is a top site maintenance service provider for WordPress from Kuala Lumpur, Selangor in Malaysia across China and Singapore clients. Our web maintenance services include all your website or eCommerce website requests. Scale widely from unique content, site upgrades to innovative design improvements you never thought you need. 

Turn your functional website into a fast and humanised practical sales funnel. Let us serve your page creations, seasonal changes, backups, and the likes to create a beast machine. Are you someone who can’t invest more time and resources in ever-changing technology? In any event our packages don’t appeal to you, our website maintenance services are highly editable. Chat with us to design you the ideal web maintenance bundle!

Mobile Friendly Website Maintenance

More Mobile in 2023

Mobile friendly website maintenance is the process of ensuring that a website is optimized for viewing and use on mobile devices. This includes making sure the website has a responsive design that adjusts to the size of the device screen, updating mobile navigation and user experience, and debugging any issues with mobile display. Mobile search engine optimization (SEO) is also an important aspect of mobile-friendly website maintenance, as search engines like Google prioritize mobile-friendly websites in their search results. Keeping mobile plugins and add-ons up-to-date is also crucial to maintain the website’s functionality and security on mobile devices. Overall, mobile-friendly website maintenance is crucial in today’s mobile-first world, where a majority of internet users access websites through their smartphones.


The benefits of outsourcing
website maintenance.

Improve website performance via maintenance services

Clean and reliable performance

The webpage loading speed will affect your position on Google Search Engine Result Pages; in computer and mobile. The difference of 1-second slowness will results in website’s poor sales and visitors.

user click and rank high at google

Rank on Google's Pages (SERPs)

Leaving your website untouched or outdated for years is damaging on your ranking results. Google robot will see it as a cold entity. You can avoid ranking loss just by contributing more helpful and useful content following the EAT format. (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness)

Website maintenance bring potentioal leads

Bring in potential leads

For businesses determined in genuine services, showing a properly maintained and optimised website is key as it can draw in fresh clients and keep up with their levels of engagement. You can convince and sell better bypassing the education stage with this sales machine.

Website Maintenance keep the trend up

Keeping up with the trends

Website design developments evolve all the time. You must ensure your site design is relatable to the user expectation and experience. Stories that are old and irrelevant will costs you invisible damage.

Website hosting alerts

Web hosting and registrar updates

We will take care of your expiry and update request. You no longer risk overdue and downtime on the expired domain renewal. The time is always right to renew beforehand. Otherwise, your domain disappearing in 404 error will scare away potential customers coming to you.

Ecommerce safety website maintenance

Safety, Convenient and Saving

For businesses determined in genuine services, showing a properly maintained and optimised website is key as it can draw in fresh clients and keep up with their levels of engagement. You can convince and sell better bypassing the education stage with this sales machine.

Optimize website for fast loading times

Pagespeed Insight from google

That is a great overview of the importance of website maintenance for fast loading times. By optimizing the images, videos, and dynamic content, you can significantly improve the website’s loading speed, enhancing the user experience. Faster loading times can lead to increased organic performance in search results and a lower bounce rate. It’s essential to regularly perform an in-depth analysis of your website’s media optimization to ensure that all resources are being properly optimized and to make necessary adjustments to improve loading times. By doing this, you can provide a positive user experience and stay ahead in the search engine rankings.

checking pagespeed with website maintenance services

Affordable and Reliable
Website Maintenance Services Package

Even a small bug can cause issues that will be too expensive to fix later. That’s why you should hire us to monitor your website all the time and eliminate any errors or bugs as soon as they occur.

One Time Fix

Fix your WordPress website with priority service at a fixed price for a single issue.
RM 300
Per Fixes
  • Content, Image, News and Issue
  • Not Included Site Optimize


Complete support for websites that need constant updating and top performance.
RM 500
/ Month
  • Unlimited Bug Fixes
  • Blog/News Update
  • Theme, Plugin, PHP Version Update
  • Backup of Database, Website and Email
  • Website Traffic SEO Report (30days)
  • 300 Mins Monthly Website Update for Content and Image
  • Malware Removal Incldued
  • Site Speed Optimization (Google)
  • Technical SEO Fixes


Extensive support for eCommerce, blog and websites with advanced platform.
RM 900
/ Month
  • Unlimited Bug Fixes
  • Blog/News Update
  • Theme, Plugin, PHP Version Update
  • Backup of Database, Website and Email
  • Website Traffic SEO Report (30days)
  • 900 Mins Monthly Website Update for Content and Image
  • Malware Removal Incldued
  • Site Speed Optimization (Google)
  • Technical SEO Fixes
  • eCommerce Site Update
  • News Site Update / High Volume Platform

Don’t sit on your website maintenance issues

Content indexing issue

Inconsistent website maintenance leads to content and urls with lowered priority, often ignored by Google robot, also known as spider crawler and other search engines, lowering your website's exposure.

Slow page speed load:

Slow loading times can harm SEO by lowering search engine ranks due to bad user experience factors. Maintaining your website on a routine basis will aid to guarantee that all functions are fast and sharp.

Broken Links and Webpages

If your website is not regularly maintained, search engines like Google will evaluate bad experiences on broken links and pages, and punish your site ratings. This will take your SEO ranking position in vain.

Weak Mobile Usability

As mobile data traffic grows, businesses must be optimised for mobile phones. Without frequent website maintenance, websites may suffer from poor mobile usability and badly influence SEO organic ranking.

Absence of Internal Links

Internal links displays clear navigation for visitors and assist search engines robot to read your website structure. You will need a broad look on structural and contextual linking between pages. Experts will know how to prioritize your pages and arrange the greatest functionality.

Outdated Stuff

Website maintenance ensures that all content on your website is correct and updated with the latest trends, technology, and client demands.

Frequently Asked Question

Most website maintenance services frequent questions and answers from client.

Our website maintenance services include website upkeep, technical support, site updates, bug fixes, performance optimization, security, data backup, content management, site monitoring, analytics tracking, mobile optimization, search engine optimization (SEO), user experience (UX), maintenance plans, and technical services

Website maintenance is crucial as it keeps your business functioning optimally, defends it from cybersecurity risks, keeps it relevant and dated with the newest guideline, and improves your customer engagement level.

The frequency of website maintenance is determined by the requirements of your unique website. Our staff will collaborate with you to develop a routine timetable for a match in your demands and keeps your site functioning smoothly.

Right we do, often, your website only needs to tackle existing issues for minimal need to showcase your website during presentation. Without plugins, features, and a lot of e-commerce functions. You may then opt for our one-time website maintenance services.

This will get you up for speed and clear out the hidden issues.

Subscription on monitoring and maintenance plans are always available.

As we take website security extremely careful, we employ a number of precautions to protect your site while it is being maintained. 

This entails creating a backup of your website prior to auditing, updates, and changes transferring data via encrypted methods, and following stringent safety guidelines when visiting your website.

In order to guarantee stability and fix any security flaws, we will upgrade the software, plugins, and themes on your website while it is being maintained. To remain your website pace with the new, we may consult your opinion before putting in visuals and material.

Our staff will examine your webpages for any performance concerns and make the required modifications to increase their effectiveness and quality. It would involve image optimization, code minification, and cache methods. Or you can hire us become your inhouse seo company.

Our maintenance plans, regular website updates, performance optimization, security checks, and technical support are all part of the package. The specifications of each plan may be tailored to your website's requirements.