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IT Solutions and Refurbished Laptop

Techveloper IT support solution service is a group of 8 – 80’s IT professionals devoted to managing, creating, and supporting one very effective IT solution and service, allowing your company to adjust to a retail enterprise via our tried-and-true framework. Our team offer refurbished office laptop for corporates and SMEs in Malaysia to sustain their digital footstep in industry.



One Stop IT Solutions

Our IT support team invests in your conversations to understand your ideal end result and what has to be performed to efficiently achieve it. Shared and common objective bring an aligned mission together.

IT System Setup Migration

You will secure your IT assets with us and begin fresh when you relocate to a larger office or mobilize into a separate and slimmer location. Take advantage of IT portability for your virtual digital business.

Remote Desktop VPN and Cloud services

Equip your team to today's work type. Working from home (WFH), not a performance drain using the WFH technologies. Remote your Virtual private network (VPN) to the team members, work anywhere in private mode settings. Cloud services ensure tracking trail of activities to protect your company.

Cybersecurity and Data Backup

Cybersecurity and data backup demand arises, all danger, both obvious and hidden, exist as preying ambushes entirely. How is your security skill to fend off the assault of cyberattacks on your critical systems and information? Let our IT expertto set up a cyberspace firewall for you.

Cyber Security IT Support


Cybersecurity is important because it helps to protect sensitive information and systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction. This is critical for individuals, businesses, and governments to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and systems. Cybersecurity threats, such as hacking, phishing, and malware, are becoming more sophisticated and frequent, making it essential to have robust cybersecurity measures in place to protect against these threats.

cyber security by it support

Cloud Data Backup

Year by year, data is most important part of business, you dont want to loss it

Cloud technology helps the company to save, retrieve, and preserve data without owning and operating its own computer servers, transferring costs from a capital spending basis to an operation expenditure model. Cloud computing is flexible, helping corporations to extend or contract its data storage as needed.

cloud backup by it services

24/7 Customer Call for IT Support Service

We safeguard your business data

Information is adopted by business owners, universities, and federal agencies. As devices collapse, networks crumble, and cell phones dead, you seek specialists to patch things. IT tech support focuses on analyzing and offering solutions and heartfelt customer service. It involves deploying laptops for people in a company, monitoring computer networks, and resolving problems as they emerge. A career in IT might entail in-person or virtual help desk workers in a variety of businesses and sectors

24 hours IT Support Malaysia

Customized Refurbished Laptop

cost saving business move

Customized computers & accessories for used laptop notebook, Used Personal Computer (PC), Affordable Monitor, Random Access Memory (RAM), Solid State Drive (SSD) & Hard Disk Drive (HDD), Laptop Battery Charger bag, and Desktop Hardware.

We can fulfill All small and medium-sized enterprises and corporates. Operational requirements and sourcing placement order. Inspected and Quality control with genuine products.

refurbished laptop reseller

IT Support as your Software Knowledge Provide

Why waste money and time not on making more money stream into your businesses?

Stop spending your human capital looking up ideas and testing hacks from YouTube to solve software malfunctions or hardware damages.

Our IT guy as tech support will detect and remediate both hardware and software issues in the most professional manner and encounter summary. Minimal downtime.

You can go seal the client’s deal.

it support your software provider

Managed IT Service

anti virus

Anti Virus

endpoint protection and anti virus

Endpoint Protection

Cloud Storage & Recovery

IT Audit

server support

Server, Refurbished desktop

Networking Configuration

Looking website designer?

mobile friendly and product showcase website

When selecting a website designer to build an SEO-friendly and mobile-responsive website, consider the designers with experience in SEO and mobile-responsive design. This will ensure that they understand the importance of these whole IT research elements and how to implement them effectively. Make sure they are able to provide regular updates and analytics on the website’s performance in search engines, as well as how well the website is performing on mobile devices.

Effective cost saving IT support

Mighty team with full time determined programming IT person for you. You can work with the top of the line dedicated champions. Save yourself from the hassle of coding failure. A solid foundation will kickstart your company to a new level. Hire new staff functions to your organization is not immediate. Don’t rely on a single technical knowledge, use the wage to hire us today for the skills level and management feature.

IT Support

Frequently Asked Question

Most IT Support Services frequent questions and answers from client.

Benefits of Data Storage and Retrieval

  • Information safety.
  • Data Restoration and synchronisation
  • Simple Data Integration.
  • Cost Management.
  • Uninterrupted Production.
  • Enhanced core competencies.
  • Sustaining Regulatory Requirements.

IT solutions and technical staff are up and always ready to assist companies reap the benefits of its software and systems. The professionals aid in preventing outages and interruptions through keeping vital functions run properly and easily. You can focus on making your business better and thrive.

What exactly is an information technology expert job? Information technology specialists design, analyze, deploy, fix, and manage equipment and software in organisations. Most firms may employ an in-house IT team, while startups may outsource freelancer IT pros for particular functions. 24/7 service for up-to-date data request and patch resolution if any arise.

  1. Recording and helping with support tickets by businesses.
  2. Workstations, applications, servers, routers, office equipment, and scanners to install and configure.
  3. Preparing and carrying out routine maintenance modifications
  4. Creating profiles for employees and ensuring individuals understand necessary to successfully sign in
  5. Resolving credential issues, interacting with staff, and converse with software developers to ascertain the source of any challenges experienced
  6. Dealing with disruptions and malfunctions
  7. Detecting, analyzing, and resolving technology network infrastructure flaws
  8. changing electronics and mending devices
  • Higher ROI and lower spending on manpower
    • Reliable IT support takes effort. However, given the average expense of server failures is almost $2 million each second, it's investments that will rapidly compensate itself. By reducing coordination and collaboration timeframes in your company, you may save a large amount of money that would be forfeited.
  • More agility and inventiveness
  • Improved safety
  • Workers Are Relieved
  • Improved IT compatibility and Scalable Business
  • Lesser struggling and more focus on functioning.
  • Increased business performance and results