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The 5 Benefits of SEO

Search Engine Optimization

One of the best Marketing and Branding Tools.

Table Of Content:

1. Effective Audience Targeting

Different from ads that charge you per click, your visitors are those who have searched and hit the keywords your website ranked to;

These visitors will be impressed for free, be your potential clients, and sooner or later order from you. Simply because your website content fits Google’s relevance and recommendation.

2. Cost Efficiency

SEO project is a huge promotional tool when it is matured and developed, you will benefit from stable inquiries with daily, weekly, and monthly analytics reports.

Every completed website with SEO work receives high traffic and new leads regardless of your industry. When your keyword is well researched, the audience that meets the profile will get to your website. All this without additional cost.

3. Marketing Game Changer

Your Sales and Marketing team can focus on serving clients and hitting higher sales;

This results in higher morale and better experience for both your employees and customers. Costly Traditional marketing methods will no longer be necessary, saving your cost for essential company development such as reward incentive, training, company trip for the staff.

Extra: You may refer to Traditional Marketing methods as offline direct mail (brochures and fliers), print advertising such as magazines, newspapers, coupons, roadside billboards, referral aka word-of-mouth marketing.

4. Quality Customer

The buyers who Google are those interested, clicking into your website and connecting with you is a major step before making a buying decision.

No more filtering cold leads or following up with non-interested persons and facing rejection.

The service and closing rests with your sales team. A quality lead is a person who is ready to order, all that is left to do is to convince them you have the best deal out of all their surveys in the market.

5. A Worthy Business Investment:

Once SEO is up and running, your ranking will increase from Page 100+ to top Pages overtime, and that means greater exposure.

For Average keyword market, an SEO project will complete within 1 to 3 months, a Highly competitive keywords market may take up to 6 months.

(SEO is a race of better optimized content between websites, if someone has done it ahead of your business, more time and effort is needed to meet Or overtake their place, but you will get there.)

Business thirst for growth?

You have to believe digital marketing drives better chances in the competition.

SEO will take an initial reasonable time and money as an investment. That said, SEO is definitely worth the wait, optimizing website content requires in-depth knowledge and patience. Trust the process.

Always think about the volume of clients that will enter your website when you are on the 1st page, or even the top of the search results.

SEO is indeed a better and passive investment when compared to Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.

It is time for businesses to have a long lasting automated lead system without much effort and money spent.

Quick Summary:

Malaysia has yet to have SEO agencies that are favoring Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) and Startups. Most now are offering their service to bigger brand names or higher ticket charges for maximum profit.

Techveloper honors and serves ambitious businesses with minimal payment. Your SEO package will be worthwhile with us.

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