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SEO Services enhance a business with a wide range of professionals, technologies, and insights. If you struggled with gathering the talents or Do-it-yourself. (DIY) Techveloper got what you needed. Let us manage the complicated tasks as we work with you on services that prove most effective. You will observe the best breakthrough of your business via all marketing channels with our talents. Leave the time-consuming challenges to our experts.  It is our know-how that serves the greatest value for our clients. Every seniors here has handled successful projects and tackled possible bottlenecks, so you don’t have to. Discover what stage you are on, and we shall show you the services to hire for the best outcome.

Our digital experts are ready to achieve all your marketing ambitions. From a new website design to expanding your customer reach, or an audit to show you what better measures to SEO skyrocket your impressions.

Additional Services we can help you with: 

Accounting Software

Digital Marketing Solutions for Accounting Software

A rock solid company secretrial, accounting software, and firm accounting management services; company audit, taxation and accounting service.


Increase in Organic Traffic


Client generated in Apr 2019

Ms. Celine Chiar


“Techveloper recreated our site to gain brand exposure and credibility to our clients.
Better first Impressions to new clients and greater revenues until today."



English Grammer International School

Website Maintenance Services for Education

On-site maintenance and up-to-date school information; brochure, classes, and news delivery for parents and students.


Student family retention in School relationship

Over 1,000 Parents

Rated school system and satisfaction in testimonials.

Madam Chong


"Techveloper is a great help in data management, uploads and maintaining school information has been a breeze, More families has recognized our school efforts on the website."



Hair care Products Singapore

Franchise-Focused SEO Service

1 website, 7 total Outlets all rise to Singaporean self-love individuals and family households. Full SEO Service by Techveloper pushed local beauty product businesses to light.


Raised from nothing to 516K Organic Impressions for the last 6 months - Dec 2022

1.5K Total clicks

Organic traffics close to 10,000 for last 6 months. - Dec 2022

Mr. Jack Chan

Marketing Manager

"Techveloper saved us from last SEO damages with thorough SEO Audit and Analysis, Malaysian SEO agencies has shown me so much potential and future. Thanks Techvelopers for the professional hardwork and the timely performance report, the Board of directors were happy with the ROI. I’m proud of our brand."



Gloves Manufacturer

Rebrand Website Design and Global SEO Services

Lead generation website design for international opportunity


Brand organic impressions received for last 12 months.


Revenue generated

Mr. Gary Yang


"Gloves Manufacturing has a place in Malaysia to supply local and exports order. Met these tech-savvy young experts, authorized team delivers and exceed expectations, our customer base can no expand to international demand much easier. Techveloper is a great help and cost-effective."



German-engineered Stone Cookware

Premium Product eCommerce SEO Services

Website revamp, On-page SEO. Off-page SEO, Technical SEO, Local SEO. Full Stack Search Engine Optimization for STONELINE Malaysia.


Monthly Organic Impressions Increased on Search Engine

Over 500/Monthly

Organic Clicks/Traffic visitors into website.

Mr. Frankie Cheong


“Techveloper took our site from 0 visitor a day to over 500/month in just 3 months by helping on website revamp and all SEO groundwork necessary! Had 400,00 Brand impressions on Google search for the last 12 months. Impressive."




Travel Lifestyle Website Design

Brand confidence, streamlined presentation of travel packages for clients.


Increase in Organic Impressions

Over 500 Passengers

Prefer online brochures than paper copies reference for travel plan and itineraries.

Ms. Bernice Tan

Business Founder

“A website to showcase our latest travel packages ease many work of our sales team, paper brochures isn’t working well these days, Techveloper has made us realize that. The website concept was better than what I wanted. Great work and best team!""



Top-of-the-line White Hat SEO Services

Data that using white hat SEO services

0 +

SEO Content Strategy

0 %

Cost effective on Pay Per Click (PPC)

0 %

growth of organic click and traffic

0 +

SEO Impressions on Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

Start ranking higher for more impressions and clicks, increase your Traffics with our customizable SEO services. Our SEO specialist and Digital Marketing plan will Raise your business to First Page, #1

SEO Google Partner

Techveloper SEO Company is a Google Partner

Being a Google Partner, Techveloper SEO Company has access to exclusive training, support and tools provided by Google. The Google partnership makes us a trusted digital media provider.

Business Transformation Challenge

We, Techveloper solves your digital bottlenecks.

My website has little to no traffic

When your website exist without traffic, You lose valued leads, potential clients, and sales volume. Thank goodness, our unique SEO strategies will assist you to get on the right path by increasing your visibility on the search engine results page for more people to discover and click into your website.

https website design services

My Google Ads campaign CPL too high

Tired of burning money on ineffective advertising campaigns? With us Google paid ads specialists will help you simplify your bidding strategy and fine-tune retargeting ads positioning to maximize the effectiveness of your advertisement google ads campaigns.


My website was reported not mobile-friendly

A major mistake often seen in most businesses are not focusing on developing a mobile-friendly website. Large images, misuse of HTML, CSS, Javascript. Causing a high bounce rate on your website traffics. Which means losing out educated customers to your competitors. The global mobile traffics on Google Search Engine is catching up on desktop search, close to equal. Having a mobile-friendly website will make you stand out from the rest. Speed, informative, and authoritative site is what we support.

We need someone to create engaging content

This means you are on track, and you must have seen volumes of traffic yet with little to no queries and conversion. Compelling copies and information that are visualised, crafted to your brand story and values is crucial. If your team overspend time on squeezing out unique and fresh content, our team can take care of that. Let the sales team focus on converting leads. Make us your idea panel, realize your expectation on brand story and sales funnel.

SEO Services that grow traffic and increase revenue

Hire us to deliver organic results for your business and crush your competition.

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Frequently Asked Question

Search Engine Optimization Services, the actions to improve the website’s Quality and Quantity of Traffic from Search Engines: Google, Baidu, Bing, Yahoo, etc. SEO is Essential as it will bring sizable visitors from Search Engine to websites that ranks high on the search engine results page (SERP).

SEM (search engine marketing) is the umbrella term for all of the marketing activities that take place with regards to Google. SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click advertising) are both sub-disciplines of SEM.

Strategies. An effective SEO plan is ever-changing based on the company’s goal and Search Engine new updates and behavior. Unlike Ads, SEO is Organic ranking, you don’t pay to be the first result to be seen or be found on searches. It includes below but is not limited to: Research and Target Keywords, analyze the competition first-page result, build a better or a different website, add Hook/Engagement call to action, optimize On-page SEO, study and utilize search intent, input valuable content, build Links and density.

One is the opposite of another. Here’s why: Black Hat SEO is unethical, it uses aggressive tactics focuses on abusing the Search Engine rules. Usually for those who seek fast financial return and results; Scam, Gambling, and illegal sites. It stuff irrelevant links, contents, and keywords spam to fool the Search Engine’s spider to gain ranking. White Hat SEO is a long-term reliable way of proper and quality content that will aged and stays in the game for a long game and not being afraid of being Close-down or labeled as a malicious site like Black Hat SEO site. Rules and Policies are adhered to maintain the Website’s Integrity.

Since 2018, Google has announced mobile-first indexing, which means search engines now will determine your website in mobile versions to rank your sites in their results. This move shows extreme reason as more than 50% of global traffic comes from a mobile device rather than a desktop version.

SEO benefits are not immediate achievable result, it is progressive and rewards are compounding in a long-term manner. When you have reaches the first-page result and compare to where you start, you will notice more queries volume and high exposure to potential clients, and volume of your Brand.

The true SEO have 3 main components:

1. Quality of Traffic: You will attract visitors worldwide, but if they’re coming because Google tells them you are a resource for Amazon shopping site when in fact you are simply selling Amazon travel package, that is not quality visitors. The truth is, you want someone who is a genuine customers that wants what you are offering.

2. Quantity of Traffics: With the right quality visitors, you will build more numbers because more visits from Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) will increase your ranking as business develop.

3. Organic results: This is SEO ultimate goal, while Ads will contribute partial amount of many SERPs, Organic traffic on the other hand, is any Traffic you don’t have to pay for.

On average, a business spends around RM2000-4000 per month on professional SEO consultancy. However, this cost can vary depending on what kind of results you are seeking and how competitive your industry is. A crowded industry will be harder to reach page #1 of Google than one with fewer competitors, so cost of SEO will be greater to reflect this.